Best Student-Budget Skincare Recommendations From Your Local Drugstores



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Best Student-Budget Skincare Recommendations From Your Local Drugstores

By m7py

It's a typical students' problem! You want to splurge on those skincare products the Kardashians are using, but your budget is just not allowing any of them. No problem- here is a list of affordable drugstore products to pamper your precious skin in every way.

1- Cleanser

Source: Instagram

Simple Gel Cleanser - RM 19
Aiken Hydra Plus Cleanser - RM 14+
Wardah Hydra Rose Gel - RM 13+

2- Oil Cleanser

Source: Instagram

Safi Oil Cleanser - RM 23
Biore Oil Cleanser - RM 20+
Cleansing Balm Obsess Cosmetic - RM 20

3- Moisturizer

Source: Instagram

Rosken Moisturizer - RM 7+
Aiken Hydra Plus Moisturizer - RM2 5+
Wardah Moisturizing Gel - RM 8

4- Sunscreen

Source: Instagram

3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream - RM 10
Biore UV Perfect Block Milk - RM 15
Wardah Sun Care Sunscreen Gel - RM 15+

5- Sheet mask

Source: Instagram

Hada Labo Aqua Mask - RM 10.90
Garnier Light Complete Mask - RM 7.80/pcs
Watsons Jeju Water Mask - RM 6.50/pcs
Dr Morita Sheet Mask - RM 5/pcs
Naruko Sheet Mask - RM 6.90/pcs
Faith In Face Jelly Mask -RM 7.90/pcs

6- Toner

Source: Instagram

Simple Soothing Facial Toner - RM 19/200 ml
Clinelle Purifying Toner - RM 35/150 ml
Safi Perfect White Clarifying Toner - RM 11/100 ml

7- Micellar Water

Source: Instagram

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - RM 14.90/125 ml
Safi Natural Cleansing Water Micellar - RM 17/200 ml
Aiken Hydra Plus Micellar Water - RM 21/300 ml
Simple Micellar Cleansing Water - RM 23.70/200 ml
L'Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water - RM 28.50/250 ml

Head over to your nearest drugstore & grab these must-haves before they're gone!

Credit: @liyanayasmina

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