Dad Confronts Teacher Who He Claims Humiliated His Daughter By Wiping Her Makeup Off During Her School's Costume Day



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Dad Confronts Teacher Who He Claims Humiliated His Daughter By Wiping Her Makeup Off During Her School's Costume Day

By Ayunie

A heartwarming father-daughter bonding experience took a sour turn when a dad shared how his daughter was humiliated by a teacher at her school for wearing makeup on a traditional outfit day. 

In the spirit of celebrating Malaysia's Merdeka month, the school organized a traditional outfit day. Excited to participate, the dad eagerly helped his daughter put together a traditional costume, complete with makeup that complemented the ensemble. The dad also claimed thaqthere were no specific rules against wearing makeup with the traditional attire.

However, what was meant to be a joyful event took an unexpected twist. As his daughter arrived at the school gate, she was met with an unanticipated encounter. A teacher stopped her and proceeded to openly scold her in front of her peers, wiping away her makeup in the process. The incident left the young girl in tears, feeling humiliated and embarrassed.

The dad, concerned about his daughter's well-being, decided to confront the teacher about her actions. In response, the teacher defended herself, claiming that other teachers had not adequately communicated the rules to the students; as claimed by the dad. 

After the confrontation, the dad went to his daughter to comfort her, trying to console her as she wiped away her tears. Soon, her friends gathered around her, trying to make her feel better as well. 

The dad uploaded a video of the incident to TikTok which quickly went viral, prompting a wide range of reactions from netizens.

Watch the video below, or click here to watch it on

Some were quick to defend the dad, criticizing the teacher's actions as overly harsh and unnecessary. They argued that school events should be a source of joy and creativity for students.

On the other hand, some netizens supported the teacher's perspective, emphasizing that makeup might not be appropriate for a school setting and that parents should be aware of what's suitable for their children to wear to school.

What are your opinions on this? Are you on the teacher's side or the dad's? Comment below. 

Source: @mynewshub

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