It Is Apparently Cheaper To Live In Singapore Than In Malaysia…



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It Is Apparently Cheaper To Live In Singapore Than In Malaysia…

By ellephant

Netizens are now saying that it’s cheaper living in Singapore as compared to living in Malaysia, currency differences aside.  

One netizen submitted her story on FB and talked about the costs of living in Singapore after moving there 10 years ago.

Via her post, she stated that when considered dollars to dollars ringgit to ringgit without conversion, living in Malaysia actually costs more.  

For example, in Singapore, you earn SGD2,000 and with SGD200 you can afford a Coach or Braun Buffel. However, in Malaysia, if you earn RM2,000, a Coach bag would cost you RM600. One would have to earn 3x as much to live the same lifestyle.

She also noted how she and her husband, who earn a combined salary of SGD6,000 were able to afford their first house with the help of the Singapore government.  

On top of that there are subsidies from the government for utilities, public transport is efficient, food is affordable, standard of living is higher, and life is more secure, stable and safe. 

She’s team Singapore because:

1. Salaries are higher

2. Healthcare is more advanced

3. Easy to connect with Singapore working Malaysians

4. High standard of living

5. Safer

6. Reliable public transport  

The downsides are (yes there are!):

1. Overtime culture is a killer

2. Fast paced life

3. Overcrowded places

4. Work-life imbalance

So, what do you think?

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