Which Hair Length Suits You? | 2-Second TikTok Hack Will Tell You!



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Which Hair Length Suits You? | 2-Second TikTok Hack Will Tell You!

By m7py

Try this 2-second TikTok hack to know what hair length suits you best!


@bondenavant shared this method on her video that's gained over 5.8 million views & 1.1 million likes at this time of writing. 


Actually, this hack comes from celebrity hairstylist, John Frieda.


Apparently, choosing the hair length is also about the angle of your jaw bone, on top of your face shape! 

Watch the video here

What you need: two pencils & a measuring tape or ruler. 

How to check:

1- Place one pencil horizontally under your chin.

2- Place the other pencil perpendicular to it from the bottom tip of your ear. 


3- Measure the distance from the tip of your ear to the corner where both pencils meet using the ruler or tape. 


4- Check the distance: 

- Longer than 5.7cm = Longer hair looks better on you

- Shorter than 5.7cm = Shorter hair is the one for you

- Exactly 5.7cm = You can rock both long and short hairstyles

Share this hack with someone so they don't get a bad haircut & cry about it later! 

Source: @bondenavant

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