M'sian Man Braves A 159KM Journey From Damansara Utama, Selangor To A Famosa Fortress, Melaka On Foot All In One Week!



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M'sian Man Braves A 159KM Journey From Damansara Utama, Selangor To A Famosa Fortress, Melaka On Foot All In One Week!

2 Weeks ago
By Ayunie

Roodran, an inspiring Malaysian, catapulted into internet stardom after sharing a gripping account of his awe-inspiring 159-kilometer odyssey from his home in Selangor to A Famosa in Melaka. In a Twitter thread that amassed a staggering 2.4 million views, Roodran detailed his extraordinary expedition, revealing his spontaneous decision to embark on this formidable journey on November 2nd with minimal training and only the essentials:  a laptop bag and the clothes on his back.

The Twitter thread chronicled Roodran's seven-day adventure, brimming with snapshots and updates documenting the hurdles he faced along the way. His odyssey was anything but straightforward, plagued by a series of daunting challenges right from the onset.


Within just four hours and 15 kilometers into the expedition, Roodran's shoes began to disintegrate. Battling sunburn, blisters, treks through pitch-black nights without accommodations, enduring rain, and muscle fatigue were some of the formidable obstacles he encountered. However, amidst these struggles, Roodran encountered the generosity of kind-hearted Malaysians who offered assistance along the way. 


He also recounted the haunting experience of walking for hours in complete darkness, enveloped by the jungle, and passing by a few graveyards along the way.





After an arduous journey spanning more than 150 kilometers, Roodran finally triumphantly reached his destination at A Famosa in Melaka on November 9th. Undeterred by the challenges faced, Roodran even hinted at the prospect of embarking on a new endeavor a walk from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.



Netizens were captivated by Roodran's indomitable spirit and found themselves inspired by his remarkable accomplishment.

Perhaps we'll see Roodran's face on international news next?

Source and photos taken from: Platform X

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