Boy's Dad Makes Him Play Video Games For 24 Hours Straight After Catching Him Break Curfew



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Boy's Dad Makes Him Play Video Games For 24 Hours Straight After Catching Him Break Curfew

By ellephant

Being disciplined by parents, boy are we glad we're way past that time.  

Based on reports, this boy from China was punished by his father, after he caught him playing video games after his bedtime curfew. 

Located in Shenzhen, Huang (dad) found his son on the phone way past midnight. 

"After eating a midnight snack at 1 a.m, I went upstairs and found that [my son] hadnt slept yet", he said. 

He then makes an agreement to allow his son to play video games for 24 hours, with no sleep allowed.  

"You can play until you cant play anymore You can play whatever you want, but you cant sleep", is what he told his son. 

He then allows his son to miss school and play his games.  At 1pm the next day, he finds his son asleep. He wakes him up and tells him to "keep playing". 

At 6.30pm, 17 hours into the punishment, the video shows that Huang's son hasn't slept for 34 hours. But then, it comes to an end, after pleads from his son's grandmother and his son's apology letter.  

"I promise must go to bed before 11 o'clock. Promise not to play the phone before going to bed, not to read, and not to play with toys", is what the letter said. 

Extreme measures, but according to Huang appropriate given that his son is athletic, academically gifted and obedient. Watch video here

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