【News】AMM Urged Government To Review The 20 People Raya Celebration Policy
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AMM Urged Government To Review The 20 People Raya Celebration Policy


The Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM) urged the government to reconsider the policy for the mini Hari Raya celebration (limited to 20 people). It mentioned that this policy might sabotage all the hard works that our nation has done to tackle the COVID-19, as reported in Sin Chew Daily.

The academy released a notice today (May 13), stating that they are disappointed that the agreement of government to the abovementioned policy, as evidence shows that 1 COVID-19 patient could easily infect the entire family and relatives.

"We recommend that only family members who originally lived in the same house can celebrate Hari Raya together. We must bear in mind that once confirmed cases occurred, it is difficult to track other visitors and this may require a large number of resources. We urge the government to review this policy."

Photo source: The Straits Times

Meanwhile, a separate report by Sin Chew Daily reported that the Health Director-General, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah shared a piece of International news on his Facebook to warn Malaysians to not forget about social distancing on the upcoming Hari Raya celebration.

The news report was about an iftar gathering in Bahrain which caused 16 family members to be infected with COVID-19 after being in contact with 1 sick relative.

Photo source: The Star

He mentioned in his caption that:

"The family members were infected due to a failure to follow precautionary measures including avoiding gatherings, wearing masks, and social distancing, the ministry tweeted. The infected person spread the contagious disease to all present family members, including parents, siblings as well as several children."

Hopefully, Malaysians can learn from others' mistakes and be alert about the danger of COVID-19 amid the Hari Raya celebration!

Cover photo: The Star || The Straits Times

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