WATCH: Distressing Videos Show Elderly Man And His Dogs Badly Assaulted By MBPJ Officers



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WATCH: Distressing Videos Show Elderly Man And His Dogs Badly Assaulted By MBPJ Officers

By Ayunie

TW: Animal Cruelty

An elderly man was badly assaulted by a team of MBPJ officers for trying to protect his pet dogs. He was beaten repeatedly with an iron rod and suffered injuries in his jaw and wrist.

In a couple of videos circulating over the internet, the elderly man can be clearly seen trying to usher his dogs back in his house before a team of officers began to attack him and his dogs.

At one point the poor elderly man was dragged forward by the iron rod. IN another video, the MBPJ officers is recorded capturing one of the dogs in a hostile manner, which many deemed uncalled for as the dog did not display any threatening character.

According to a witness, the officers in question failed to provide the necessary information prior to reprimanding the dogs.

Swipe to watch the videos (warning: distressing imagery):

When confronted, the officers simply shouted back, "We work for the government, this is how we do our job!" and told the witness to lodge a police report if they weren't pleased with how they performed their so-called duty.

The blatant use of power by the MPBJ officers involved has angered Malaysians and they've demanded these officers to be claim responsibility for their heinous action.

The elderly man has since made a police report regarding the incident.

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Source: @nashvin_ash

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