Former PKR Youth Chief Accused Of Gruesome Abuse By Indonesian Domestic Worker Who Now Suffers Permanent Physical Damage



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Former PKR Youth Chief Accused Of Gruesome Abuse By Indonesian Domestic Worker Who Now Suffers Permanent Physical Damage

By Ayunie

A former PKR division youth chief is facing serious allegations of brutal abuse by his Indonesian domestic worker. The shocking case came to light recently, with the worker now under the protection of the Indonesian consulate.

According to reports, the domestic worker endured horrifying abuse during her four-year tenure with the politician. She alleges that the politician subjected her to physical and psychological torture, withholding her salary for the entire duration of her employment.

One particularly gruesome incident involved the politician allegedly scalding the worker with hot water after ordering her to strip, as a punishment for leaving the front gate open. The abuse didn't stop there; she claims to have been physically assaulted in various ways, including being kicked, stomped on, grabbed by her hair, and thrown into walls. She even alleges that he attempted to drown her.

The worker's ordeal also included being bound and left in a drain, forced to endure hours in a graveyard with her hands tied, and being coerced into eating 20 chili peppers stuffed into her mouth. Her little finger was broken and permanently disfigured when the politician threw a flower pot at her hands.  

Despite working tirelessly in a three-story mansion with multiple vehicles, 400 chickens, and two cats to care for, she claims to have been left sleep-deprived and physically exhausted. Her daily routine reportedly began at 4 AM. and ended at 3 AM.

The domestic worker, currently sheltered by the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur, is seeking unpaid wages totaling RM78,000. Her main priority is returning home for her child's upcoming wedding, but she is determined to receive her hard-earned wages.

In response to these horrifying allegations, the Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia, Hermono, has pledged to include the politician on a list of 95 individuals recommended to the Indonesian Immigration Department for barring from entering Indonesia.

Source: Malaysia Kini

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