5 Things Not to Say to New Parents



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5 Things Not to Say to New Parents

By DN21

Like any new parents, bracing into a new chapter in life called parenthood is both surreal and exhilarating. Lack of sleep, hormonal changes and adapting to marital life with a new baby can be somewhat challenging. The first few months post-baby is tough as it revolves around a rollercoaster of emotions, especially for mommy who is still recovering from labor. As terrifying as it may sound, welcoming a bundle of joy is nothing but a dream come true for those who prayed. Still, parenthood is tough. 

With a child, we constantly need to learn and adapt to new things. There may be some baby things that new parents struggle with, which is why it's important to offer help and positive support instead of unsolicited advice. If you happen to know any new parents, here are 5 things NOT to say to them.

"You look tired!"

Gee, don't we all! As if the disgruntled look and puffy eyes aren't telling enough, you have people pointing out the obvious. Most babies don't sleep well throughout the night, which stresses the parents. This phase isn't permanent as babies will finally adapt to better sleeping patterns over time. So, it's better to refrain yourself from giving this kind of comment to just about any new (and exhausted) parents!

"My baby was faster at that age"


Nothing irritates new parents more than having their baby's development being compared to other babies. Sure, not all babies develop new skills (hair growth/ teething/ walking/ talking) at the same phase; some might be earlier or later than others. However, that doesn't mean that there's something wrong with your baby. Different babies, different timing. 

"Why are you wasting money on all these stuff?


What people do with their money is no one's business, especially on whom they spend the money. Parents usually spend a lot of money on firstborns because they can and simply want to. Whether it's a pricey stroller, piles of fancy clothes or the latest toys; every parent loves spoiling their baby and they couldn't care less if most of those stuff go to waste. 

"Yours isn't even that bad, some have it worse"

Toxic positivity at its best. When a new parent expresses sadness, exhaustion or simply ranting on their parenting struggles; just be attentive and understanding. Of course the new mommy or daddy knows that other parents are also struggling, but that doesn't mean they can't pour out their feelings too. Different parents cope with different issues and if you're a good friend/ relative, you should offer your absolute support by cheering them up instead. 

"When are you planning for the next baby?"

You'd think you're being concerned, but you're actually not. Not only does this make you sound insensitive, but you're also breaching other people's privacy. What if the couple are happy with having just one child, having financial problems or struggling to conceive? Whatever they're facing, it's not up to you to stir their personal life with such unwanted question. Let people decide what they want to do with their own lives. Also, having a child isn't a competition. 

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