Use These Hacks At Nando's Malaysia Next Time For Extra Freebies & Savings!



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Use These Hacks At Nando's Malaysia Next Time For Extra Freebies & Savings!

By m7py

Do you crave some Nando's daily? Well, nobody could blame you, with the succulent dishes and chill ambiance served at each outlet. But, did you know there are plenty of hacks you could use to make your next dining experience more worth it? Here, take a look! 

1.  Try this unique recipe*

Next time you're dining at Nando's, have a look at this drink recipe. Get your glass of bottomless coke and a cup of bottomless froyo. Scoop some of the froyos and add to your coke. Voila, your very own bottomless float! 

2. Magic sauce hack

If you find getting your favorite peri-peri sauce out of the table a chore, give this hack a go!  Simply tip the bottle above your plate and give it's bottom some rubs in a circular motion. The sauce will flow effortlessly onto your plate. 

3. Whip up your FREE Perinaise

Here's how! Ask for some free mayo with your meal. Mix any sauce from the counter with the mayo. You now have your FREE Perinaise. 

4. Share a large and save money

If you're planning to get Nando's with some friends, order one large set instead of two separate portions. Take fries at Nando's, for example. You'll end up with more fries with a large set, than two smalls. 

So, make sure to put these hacks to good use the next time you're at Nando's! 

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