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Ecosia | The Search Engine That 'Plant Trees'

Meiji   |   Oct 22, 2020, 19:52   |   31

Ecosia, it is a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Baidu. Hence, what makes Ecosia different from all the famous search engines? Just like what is mentioned in the title, Ecosia plant trees! The company uses the ad revenue from the users' searches to plant trees at places that needed them the most.


People might wonder if Ecosia is trustable, the answer is Yes! Ecosia is completely transparent towards its users. They publish their monthly financial reports on both their website and mobile apps to let the users see where exactly does the earning from their searches goes. The earnings are distributed to 5 main parts, which is trees, green investments, spreading the word, operational costs, taxes and social security. For your information, Ecosia contributes 80% or more of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation. Their projects mainly covered places such as Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Morocco, Ghana, Brazil and Kenya so far.

Ecosia not only helps in planting trees, but it also tries to be carbon neutral in every way to save the earth. They run their servers on renewable clean energy such as solar or wind. Not only that, but they also remove 1 kilogram of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with every search request. Ecosia did this by building their solar plants and planting trees.


Let's talk about how it works! It is only a three steps easy process. 

First, surf the web using Ecosia (for computer), or install the Ecosia mobile application through any App Store and use it like any search engine you are previously using (for mobile phone). 

Second, the search advertisements will automatically generate income for Ecosia.

Third, Ecosia will then use this income to plant trees.

Let's slightly take a look at the mobile applications of Ecosia.

At the home page, we can know the real-time number of trees planted with Ecosia. Under the search bar, there are four icons. The yellow one is 'Favourites', the blue one is 'History', the orange one is 'Tabs' and the green one is 'Settings'. It just works like any other search engine.


At the second page, we can know more about the ongoing projects or projects that have been done by Ecosia previously.


At the third page, users can keep up to date with the latest news from the Ecosia's projects or theme related to the environment.


At the last page, users can clearly know their number of searches and approximately know how many trees they contribute!


It only takes a simple move for the earth to become a better place to live. So why not give Ecosia a try?

Cover Photo Sources:  Ecosia


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