This Hotel In Bukit Bintang Is So Notoriously Haunted, Hotel Management Were Forced To Hang Protection Spells In Every Room!



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This Hotel In Bukit Bintang Is So Notoriously Haunted, Hotel Management Were Forced To Hang Protection Spells In Every Room!


Through a Facebook post shared by a Malaysian user named Rainbow Cheong, it appears that a local hotel in Bukit Bintang has had haunting stories that left not just her, but many of its other customers fleeing the very next day.  

According to Rainbow Cheong, she went on a work trip and brought her family along so they decided to go on a staycation. Her child requested a hotel with a swimming pool so they ended up choosing a hotel around Bukit Bintang that was just a walking distance to a local mall so her family could kill time while she worked. 

#Protection Statues In The Parking Lot  

At first, she found it odd that her child refused to enter the mall, and when they arrived at the hotel's parking area, they were baffled to find five statues of The God of the Soil and the Ground, which according to Chinese beliefs, is capable of suppressing or protecting against evil spirits. However, they tried not to think too much of it. 

#More Than One Holy Scriptures In The Hotel Room  

Upon entering their room, they noticed that their door had a strange marking on it, which is not present in any other room doors. They also found both Quran and Bible in the room when hotel rooms usually provide just either one of the holy books. However, that's not the strangest thing on their trip. 

#Worn Out Protection Spells On The Walls Disguised As Paintings  

On the bedroom walls, they found Taoitism protection scriptures on the paintings, which are usually used to ward off evil entities or spirits. The scriptures look incredibly worn out, almost as if they've been placed there for a very long time. At this point, Rainbow and her husband had started to feel a little creeped out. 

Throughout their stay, they've experienced a couple of unexplained poltergeist activities like belongings flying off their beds and stuff getting dragged under the bed with no logical explanation as to how it could've happened. One night, Rainbow's husband was woken up a couple of times as he felt his hand growing numb, even though there was nothing pressed against it. 

#Others Have Experienced Similar Incidents too!  

Rainbow's Facebook post has gone viral and other Malaysians who have stayed in the hotel came forward to share their haunting stories as well. One visitor recalled that he actually saw the apparition of a woman sitting beside his bed while he was walking out of the shower, to which he tried to stay calm and quietly walked out of the room. The hotel management had to transfer him to another room that very same day.

Another shared that he too, saw the apparition of a woman sitting on the edge of his bed, and when he went to open his door to leave, the door was mysteriously stuck. He had to wait and pretended he didn't see what he just saw before attempting to open it the second time. He succeeded, then immediately left.  

Would you ever visit a haunted hotel? Share your ghost experiences with us in the comment section!

Source: Rainbow Cheong on Facebook

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