Disapproving Fans Brutally Roast Barney's Unsettling New Makeover, Twitter Calls It "Cursed"



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Disapproving Fans Brutally Roast Barney's Unsettling New Makeover, Twitter Calls It "Cursed"

By DN21

Remember our beloved childhood show Barney & Friends? If you do, then this news might come as a shocker for you.

Turns out, the cheery purple dinosaur us Millennials (yes, we're old) all enjoyed watching on television has now been given a 360 makeover! 

The T-Rex's new animated look is part of toy chain Mattel's (MAT) "franchise relaunch" targeted for pre-schoolers, where a slew of media content and products are reportedly in the works.

These will include a TV series, movie, YouTube channel, music and even merchandise such as toys and clothes. 


While full details of the mega project will not be disclosed until later this year, most people on the Internet (again, Millennials) are having a hard time grasping the modern take. 

Here's what disapproving Twitterzens have to say:  https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/58611/20230216_16765195533631_mobile.jpeg

https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/58611/20230216_16765195802752_mobile.jpeg https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/58611/20230216_16765196064651_mobile.jpeg
https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/58611/20230216_16765196069222_mobile.jpeg https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/58611/20230216_16765196278662_mobile.jpeg
https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/58611/20230216_16765196281163_mobile.jpeg https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/58611/20230216_16765196575321_mobile.jpeg

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