Deck Your Kitchen with These Fancy Appliances From Zalora Just Under RM200



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Deck Your Kitchen with These Fancy Appliances From Zalora Just Under RM200

By DN21

Home is truly where the heart is. Whether it's decor or furniture and appliances, your home resembles your personality! This is especially true when it comes to being able to curate pieces in your home with the things you really love (and use). Be it contemporary or rustic, your home lifestyle can be elevated to the next level thanks to Zalora. 

Yes, that's true. Zalora not only brings fashion and beauty to the table, but they're spicing it up with lifestyle essentials too! From gadgets to kitchen appliances, they have it all. 

Also, what could be the most magical aspect of home besides the kitchen? That's basically where the good stuff happens. Which is why, I'm rounding up the best Zalora kitchen essentials your money can buy without breaking the bank.    
I'll be making a lifetime worth of waffles in every imaginable flavour thanks to this waffle maker. Plus, you can even make sandwiches and omelettes out of this! Talk about multifunctional.    
Every kitchen definitely needs a handy food processor that'll make cooking a whole lot easier. Whether you're making smoothies or pesto, this thing will do wonders.  
That's it. Just take my money. Whoever created the air fryer is God sent! It's not only super handy, it even saves you from the cooking mess and hassle (if you don't have  much time or energy to spend in the kitchen). You can make tons of snacks and meals out of this, so definitely a 10/10.  
I'm already hooked just by the colour of it. Besides, the size doesn't take up much space which makes for easy storage.  
If you prefer less energy consumption and faster cooking time compared to stovetop cooking, then this induction cooker could be a great option.

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