WATCH: Khairul Aming Went Viral For His Powerful Speech At The TikTok Awards, And We Couldn't Agree More!



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WATCH: Khairul Aming Went Viral For His Powerful Speech At The TikTok Awards, And We Couldn't Agree More!

By Ayunie

Renowned Malaysian content creator and passionate sambal connoisseur, Khairul Aming (KA), left a lasting impact at the recent TikTok Awards, where he was honored with the prestigious Content Creator of the Year award. In a stirring acceptance speech last night, he took the opportunity to share valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring Malaysian youth who are keen on entering the world of content creation.  

Addressing the audience, KA began by expressing his gratitude for the recognition and support from his fans and followers. With humility and authenticity, he dedicated a portion of his speech to the young individuals who aspire to embark on a journey as content creators. He acknowledged the allure of the digital landscape, where viral content seems to capture attention, but he emphasized that there is much more to being a content creator than just creating something that goes viral.

In a passionate and heartfelt manner, he stressed the importance of education and knowledge in the realm of content creation. KA underlined that while viral videos might bring instant recognition, having a solid foundation of education and continuous learning is crucial for long-term success. He spoke about the necessity of possessing deep knowledge and critical thinking skills to create content that resonates with audiences on a meaningful level.

Listen to his speech below, or click here to watch it on TikTok:

@khairulaming Terima kasih di atas sokongan anda semua. Ini award pertama saya dapat selepas 8 tahun membuat digital content. Award ni untuk korang semua #TikTokAwardsMY #ForYouMalaysia original sound - Khairulaming

His speech resonated deeply with both the audience present at the awards ceremony and those who tuned in virtually, all of which have gained a new level of respect for him.

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