Creator of Ju-On Comes Back With A Horror Movie | Get Your Tickets On 26 March



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Creator of Ju-On Comes Back With A Horror Movie | Get Your Tickets On 26 March

By Kimmy31

Howling Village (Inunaki Village), the latest Japanese horror film by Takashi Shimizu gets the biggest box office hits in Japan’s movie history.

Takashi Shimizu is best known as the creator of the Ju-On franchise and The Grudge. And the latest masterpiece by the best horror movie director never disappoints his movie fans. It has been released in Japan less than 1 month but hits 1 billion box office hits now!  

The plot

In Inunaki Village, the only way to enter is to go through the horror tide in Japan. The story is mainly about the main character, the clinical psychologist, Kanae Morita, who can see spirits. Many strange things are happening around her.

These things are related to the well-known Japanese horror town, Inunaki Tunnel. One day, her brother, Yuna, and his girlfriend went on an expedition to "Inu Village" because of curiosity. They almost died but escaped successfully. However, the girlfriend committed suicide after some days and left a note: "After passing through the tunnel, there will be a village, and I saw..."  

To find out the truth, Yuna returned to town together with his sister and a few friends, but he eventually disappeared and his friends were killed one by one! When Kanae realized that she could turn to a mysterious person, she was in a very dangerous situation. The terrible curse of Inunaki Village had just begun, they said once you step into this place, you can't leave even if u want! And this haunted town, which can't be found on the Japanese map, actually exists in Fukuoka, Japan, and many strange deaths happened up till today.  

The actual place

It is said that there was a small village with more than 100 people living near the tunnel in Inu Village before. But the government decided to build a dam in that area, and all the villagers were forced to move. But they forgot to move the graves and left them there alone. The bodies were forced to be buried under the water, and weird things started to happen! According to legend, people often heard mysterious sounds as soon as it entered night, but when someone went to check, they never found anything and some never return.  
Since then, rumors were spread and many people who are depressed went there to commit suicide. The tunnel becomes a popular suicide spot so the tunnel and the town were abandoned by the Japanese government for unclear reasons. It has disappeared completely on the map! However, the true story that made the Inu Tunnel became Japan's most fierce ghost site was the murders in 1988.  
The murder case of the village

On December 7th, 1988, a burned body was found at Inunaki. The body belongs to a filial young man, Umeyama Kouichi. It was believed that a group of youths poured gasoline on him and set him on fire because Umeyama refused to borrow them the car. They bullied and attacked him until they decided to kill him.

After this horrible incident, a lot of horrible things started to happen since then. And this made the Inunaki Village become one of the most terrifying places in Japan.  
The movie will be released on the 26 of March in Malaysia, get your ticket and grab tight to your popcorn!



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