Nike x Digimon Air Force 1 Shoes Are Available For Pre-Order



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Nike x Digimon Air Force 1 Shoes Are Available For Pre-Order

By Jada

I believe Digimon exists in the childhood memory of how many people! Have you ever thought about buying a pair of shoes with Digimon characters on them? Yes? The good news to you is that Nike and Digimon will jointly launch the Nike x Digimon Air Force 1 shoes! 

Recently, the ZeroDegree store shared a post on its personal Facebook page to announce the availability of pre-orders for the latest Nike x Digimon Air Force 1 shoes. This piece of good news immediately attracted the attention of many netizens once it has been announced!     

There are currently 11 different styles of this Digimon series. The price of each pair of shoes is RM1100. 

If you don’t want to pay the full price, you can also reserve a pair of Nike x Digimon Air Force 1 shoes at a price of RM550 first. 

ZeroDegree store also stated that those who book these Nike x Digimon Air Force 1 shoes will have to wait at least three months before receiving the goods!    

If you are want to know more about the Nike Digimon shoes, feel free to message ZeroDegree on Facebook directly. 

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