AEON Fashion Preview 2022 - All About Fit-Style, Vacation Wardrobe and Wedding Bells



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AEON Fashion Preview 2022 - All About Fit-Style, Vacation Wardrobe and Wedding Bells

By Pineapplesz

We were invited by AEON to their Fashion Preview 2022 (AFP 2022) on June 30 to join them on a journey to discover the three trends AEON spotlights on how customers celebrate the endemic. And it all came down to athleisure, vacation wear and bridal wear.

The much celebrated brand of AEON, innercasual, iC is now available in Malaysia. It sports eco-friendly fabric with added technology to enhance functionality of the athleisure category. iC is produced using 100% organic cotton, grown on field with no use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Perfect to support agility and flexible movements.

The fashion preview started off at a community boutique gym, TRIBE Boxing Studio located in Tropicana Gardens Mall, Petaling Jaya. TRIBE is famed for its group kickboxing to energetic pumping music making it the perfect place to launch its first collaboration with iC.

What better way to find out the level of comfort iC athleisure wear gives. Spoiler alert! It's SUPER comfortable.

Present was Naoya Okada, AEON's Deputy Managing Director, Low Ngai Yuen who is AEON's Group Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer and Chris who is the founder of TRIBE Boxing Studio.

Low Ngai Yuen is very particular for iC to bring us these four values which are inclusivity, sustainability, accessibility and availability. 

A fact that will interest you: 

Katherine Hamnett, an iconic British designer and a pioneer in ethical fashion collaborated with iC. The message 'SAVING THE PLANET' on iC tees print embodies Hamnett's will and passion to protect the earth and environment that nurtures it.

The fashion preview journey continues on with vacation wear as we head to Surian MRT Station. Let me tell you guys, it was a train ride. Literally!

AFP 2022 Experiential Journey via the MRT starts from Surian station and gets off at AEON Maluri station. This is no normal train ride. It is a fashion show train ride. What better way to test out the collection of vacation wardrobe than walking in a moving train. Iconic, indeed.

MRT train ride but make it fashuunn!

Train ride for transportation? No. Train ride as a runway? Definite yes!

Alexa, play Aespa's 'Next Level' because AEON is definitely taking it to the next level with the AEON Fashion Preview.

The vacation wear displayed during the show is everything you need for a fabulous revenge trip.

The finale and press conference took place in AEON Maluri and it includes a runway to display bridal wear. AEON, for the first time presents a budget-friendly and size-inclusive bridal and bridesmaid collection. 

Who says affordable can't look designer. Affordable wedding dresses are a dream come true.

We can't wait for what AEON will have for us in store next.

Aeon fashion athleisure innercasual


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