Horrific Blaze Befalls Easter Island, Sacred Statues Deemed Irreparable



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Horrific Blaze Befalls Easter Island, Sacred Statues Deemed Irreparable

By DN21

First the Vatican Museums, now Easter Island. Between the two, it seems that history isn't having the best of luck these past few days.

In a tragedy that has yet again rocked the world, the famous sacred stone sculptures of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) were severely damaged after a blaze broke out across the land. 

Photos shared by the municipality showed the severity the incident, which left several of the moai sculptures charred beyond repair. 

And although further investigations are still ongoing, Mayor Pedro Edmunds Paoa firmly believed that arsonists were behind it: 

"And that is created by human beings, it is not an accident. All the fires on Rapa Nui are caused by human beings."



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