Did You Choose A Right Sports Bra?



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Did You Choose A Right Sports Bra?

By yiyingxx

During this MCO period, a lot of people eventually have some time to carry out some workout at home. The workouts include jumping ropes, HIIT, Tabata, treadmills and dancing. For a woman, a sports bra is super significant to protect your breast. Wearing the right sports bra is essential no matter your size, activity, or shape.

The key thing to choose a suitable sports bra is surely to get the measurement of your breast. Here are some guidelines for you to get the measurement:

1. Take the measurement just above your breasts. 

2. Take the measurement of your bust.

3. Find your cup size. To get your cup size, you have to subtract the two measurements in 1 and 2. The difference in inches translates to your cup size (refer to the chart below).


The next step:

Know what activities you are going to carry out because your activity determines the level of support that you need. Sports bras come in several categories: low impact, medium impact, and high impact. 

LOW impact:

For a low-impact sports bra, it is suitable for activities like yoga, walking, easy bike rides and some other light workouts.

Check out the new low impact sports bra from Under Armour: Women's UA Seamless Low Long Sports Bra


MEDIUM impact:

For a medium-impact sports bra, it is ideal for hiking, cycling, and some strength training. However, a lot of smaller-chested women will have no issue in performing high-impact activities (like running) even if they put on a medium-impact sports bra. 

Check out the new medium impact sports bra from Under Armour: Women's Armour® Mid Crossback Heather Sports Bra


HIGH impact:

As you guess, a high-impact sports bra is for activities such as running, mountain biking, dancing, and other intense cardio activities. This kind of sports bra is designed for activities that involve more bouncing. It is made with wider straps to keep everything in place while you move.

Check out the new high impact sports bra from Under Armour: Women's UA Infinity High Sports Bra


A small tip to wash your sports bra: Hand wash your sports bras and hang them to dry. The gentler you are, the longer your sports bra can stay with you!

Choose the right sport bra so you may carry out the workouts more comfortably. Women, remember to protect your breast!

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