Bangkok‘s First Marijuana Bar is now Opened!



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Bangkok‘s First Marijuana Bar is now Opened!

By ellephant

Being one of the more progressive countries in terms of legalising Marijuana, Thailand went ahead and green-lighted its usage for medical purposes as of February 2019, by adding to the Narcotics Act of the country.  

Now 2 years later, they have taken yet another bold step in the matter, by opening their very first Cannabis bar in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Called the '420 Cannabis Bar', the place serves Cannabidiol (the plant's extract) infused tea and snacks. Baked pot leaf and spinach with cheese, CBD chocolate chip cookies and CBD brownies are just the tip of the iceberg, with the numerous ways the restaurant plans on experimenting the drug.  

Opened on the 11th of February, the bar displayed an interesting take on their business via a Facebook post.  

The menu is yet to be updated with a grander selection, but for the time being, more info on the exciting bar can be found here

But, we guess we know where we're going once this blessed pandemic is over.  

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