12 Places in Bangkok That’s Worth A Visit But You Probably Don’t Know About



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12 Places in Bangkok That’s Worth A Visit But You Probably Don’t Know About

By Pineapplesz

Borders are opening again, so better wipe away all the dust that has been collecting on your suitcases and lets go explore the ever-so vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Known for their lively street life and cultural landmarks, lets get ready to be in awe with Bangkok's vibrant ambience and fill up your tum-tums with authentic Thai food.

Here are some of the best places to visit for your next adventure in Bangkok. Enjoy!

1) Jodd Fairs


The popular Ratchada Train Night Market has a brand new name and its called 'Jodd Fairs.' Offering more than 600 food vendors ranging from restaurants to actual food tents, tourists can enjoy the vibe of nightlife shopping and street food hawkers.

2) Ichiba Station


This is one of the newest night markets in Bangkok where it is Japanese-themed. Tourists will be able to take photos amidst picturesque backdrops and load up on delicious street food there. Ranging from Japanese food to typical Thai night market delicacies, go and knock yourselves out!

3) RakDok LaLagoon


This particular exhibition spot is the new place for you to have some leisure time. Bangkok's Floral Destination allows you to spend quality time with family and friends to get close with nature and inhale some fresh, floral air. A great place to relieve your stress. Exhibition entrance fee is 150 Baht (roughly around RM18.33)

4) Chocolate Ville

One of the most charming places in Bangkok. Known for its European village theme, this food spot offers an attractive scenery with its unique open-air restaurant to those who visit here. Walk through the village and snap some pics for the gram while you're at it. 

5) Wat Samphran

A small temple located in Nakhon Pathom Province. Spot the massive dragon statue that looks like Shen Long from Dragon Ball coiled around the building and the head of the dragon perched on top. Definitely will leave your jaw dropping to the ground due to the majesties.

6) Starbucks Reserve ICONSIAM


Starbucks Reserve Chao Phraya Riverfront at ICONSIAM also claims some top national spots, thus well ready to delight coffee lovers, tea lovers, coffee hoppers and even freelancers who look for a place to meet and work. Really, everyone should drop by to enjoy premium coffee with a difference at this branch.

7) Dream World Bangkok


An amusement park filled with fun in Pathum Thani Province. Scream your heart out on the roller coasters and get the chance to meet Cinderella and Pocahontas roaming around the park.

8) Maeklong Railway Market


Traditional Thai market selling vegetables, fruits and food. The market is a special place to visit because it occupies part of a train line. Few minutes before the train comes, vendors lower their umbrellas and move some of their produce away from the tracks. A bit of a thrill when shopping for groceries, don't you think?

9) Erawan Museum


A museum in Samut Prakan Province known for its giant three-headed elephant art display. It is also considered as a tourist attraction as well as a holy shrine for many believers.

10) Rose Garden at Suan Sampran


A large cultural center where one of the most popular things to do there is to enjoy traditional performances by the locals. There is Thai folk dancing, boxing and even sword fighting. Sounds really exciting!

11) Giant Swing Bangkok


The Giant Swing is a religious structure and was originally used as part of a ceremony during the Brahman Festival. It is nestled in the heart of a busy city square between Wat Suthat and Bangkok City Hall. It is a remarkable sight even from a distance. 

12) Chatuchak Market

All the goods you are looking for can be found here, whether it be trendy fashion, art & handmade crafts, unique second hand clothes, home decorations, souvenirs, or even pets. A haven for shopaholics.

The operation hours are as follows:

- 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Wednesday to Thursday

- 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Friday

- 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM From Saturday to Sunday

Where else should we go in Bangkok? Comment below.

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