Louvre Museum to Slash the Number of Daily Visitors For A Better Experience



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Louvre Museum to Slash the Number of Daily Visitors For A Better Experience

By DN21

What's "Louvre" got to do? 

The iconic Parisian museum, Musée du Louvre, is taking some drastic measures in terms of their daily admissions. 

Following years of becoming overcrowded with clammoring visitors, it's reported that the Louvre will only be opening its doors to a maximum of 30,000 visitors per day. 

The policy was first established in June last year, before being made permanent recently. 

While the implementation may come shocking to those who are looking forward to visiting the City of Love soon, the Louvre insisted that it's what's best for both the employees and visitors. 

Millions of people from all around the world have paid their visits to the museum for its legendary artworks (hint: the Mona Lisa), where long queues and overcrowding have become a critical issue. 

With the scaled-down admission, the museum is hoping to cater future visitors a more enjoyable experience.

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