McDonald’s August New Menu: Burger & Desserts



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McDonald’s August New Menu: Burger & Desserts

By yiyingxx

Again! McDonalds has introduced a new menu which you definitely could not miss out on. Except for burgers, there are also some desserts that will absolutely make your life sweeter and happier. So what are you waiting for? Let's scroll down to check out the new menu!

The highlight of McDonalds is always the burger. On 19th August 2021, a new flavor of burger was launched - Rockin’ BBQ. Except for the juicy beef patty, there is also crispy chicken patty for this flavor of burger. Thus, you are still able to try this flavor if you are not a beef lover~  

What is inside the burger? Besides the meat, there are fresh vegetables as well as a cheese slice. They are served with special BBQ sauce and soft warm bun too. We believed you would be satisfied with this burger if you are a red pepper lover.  

There’s always room for dessert! As mentioned above, there are some new desserts being introduced by McDonalds today. First, a brand new Salted Caramel & Pretzel Bits McFlurry. It is really sweet with the combination of salted caramel as well as pretzel. McDonalds is so generous in giving the pretzel bits so we guarantee you would fall in love with this ice-cream so much.  

The next dessert is Cookies & Cream Pie. It is made of Oreo Cookies thus you could not miss out the chance to try this pie if you are a loyal fan of Oreo~ The combination of hot oreo cream with the crispy pie skin is definitely the best snack of the day.  

All the foods above are available for a limited time only. So grab your chance and get it a try before they are off from McDonalds. You may place your order through McDelivery or Drive-Thru at your nearest McDonalds. Look forward to hearing your comments about these foods!

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