Bridgerton, Grey's Anatomy, & More! Here's The List of Shonda Rhimes' TV Series You Should Binge On:



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Bridgerton, Grey's Anatomy, & More! Here's The List of Shonda Rhimes' TV Series You Should Binge On:

By Ayunie

Shonda Rhimes's magical touch when it comes to producing chart-topping legendary shows is simply self-explanatory. Most of her productions have gained a cult in themselves and we're convinced everyone, at any given moment, knows at least one person in their friend circle who has made liking a Shonda Rhymes' show their personality trait. (We're looking at you, Grey's Anatomy's fans.

Shonda Rhimes' latest muse, Bridgerton has taken over the world, and rightfully so. If you have recently watched all two seasons of Bridgerton and craving for more, here are several other shows created by Shonda Rhymes that are just as addicting:

1. Grey's Anatomy  

This medical-based drama revolving around Dr. Meredith Grey and her colleagues at the Seattle Grace Hospital is still going strong at 18 seasons, and you know a show is REALLY good when it has survived this long!

2. Inventing Anna  

Inventing Anna is adapted from a scathing true story of a German woman, who, under a fake name, has managed to dominate the New York social scene and turned herself into the IT girl via pure deception

3. Scandal  

This show revolves around Olivia Pope, a professional "fixer" who could make your problems go away before anyone else knows of their existence. When your clients consist of public figures and VIPs with unspeakable secrets, that's where your life gets pretty interesting. 

4. How To Get Away With Murder  

If you're into law, this legal thriller is the perfect binge-worthy show for you. A group of law students teams up with their criminal defense professor in solving a murder plot that they have somehow gotten involved in. 

5. Private Practice  

An extension of the show Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice depicts the lives of those working at the Seaside Health & Wellness Center, especially Dr. Addison Montgomery, as she quits her job at a hospital to pursue a position in... well, a private practice. 

6. Station 19  

Also an extension of the show Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 follows the lives of the firefighters at the Seattle Fire Department at Station 19, a fire station a few blocks away from where the hospital in Grey's Anatomy is located. The drama in Station 19 is just as packed as Grey's Anatomy, if not more. 

7. The Catch  

After being defrauded by her fiancé, Alice Vaughan is determined to take revenge, in a race against time, as she thrives hard not to get her professional career at a private investigation firm ruined. 

Which Shonda Rhimes' show is your absolute favourite? Let's talk about it in the comment section!

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