So At Which Point Do I Start Feeling Like An Adult? 10 Signs You're 'Mature-r' Than Her



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So At Which Point Do I Start Feeling Like An Adult? 10 Signs You're 'Mature-r' Than Her

By ellephant

They say you're an adult after you pass the 21-year-old mark, but we're in our late 20s now, and still going, hm when?

Becoming an 'adult' per say isn't an age thing, so much so as it is more a state-of-mind. There are plenty of 'adults' (30s, 40s, so on) who are elder in age and yet still on most days, behave like absolute children. 

So, how do you know if you're at a place where you can deem yourself mature?

We gathered the 10 signs which may be indicators. Check them out.  

1. You don't care for small talk

You can do it, you're alright with it, but they do not entice you, excite you and if possible, you'd do away with them completely. 

2. You find beauty in resting and staying home

TGIFs are still your thing, but you also understand that some days life is just better spent in the comfort of home.  

3. You're forgiving

You come to understand that holding grudges or not letting things go becomes a very tiring dance to keep up with. 

4. You embrace more

You realize that life is meant to learn, absorb, grow and improve. You're opened to self-development from any person, opinion or situation.  

5. You're respectful, a lot

Whether it's preferences or differences, you understand that no two people are alike and you respect them for everything which makes them, them. 

6. You don't force

You know that there is no love and care to be had in forcing someone to do things they do not want to do.  

7. You accept

Even during the darkest of days, when life seems hopeless and you're at your lowest, you accept what comes your way in the hopes for a brighter day. 

8. You don't judge

You come to see that you're flawed in every way possible, and so is the rest of the world. You're not better than them and they aren't better than you.  

9. You're wiser

You know exactly when to stand up for yourself and your loved ones, but also exactly when to stay silent and not waste your time with meaningless bicker. 

10. You choose you

You're inherently aware that happiness with others can only begin if there is happiness within.  

Pretty simple signs, but practicing them on the daily? Now, that's the catch. 

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