Bus Conductor Faints When A Passenger Brings Durian Onboard



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Bus Conductor Faints When A Passenger Brings Durian Onboard

By Ayunie

In a recent incident in Thailand, a bus conductor named Kussama Srisong had a frightening experience due to her severe durian allergy. She shared her ordeal in a Facebook post on September 8th, highlighting the hazards faced by those with allergies in public spaces.


Srisong, who is allergic to durian, encountered a passenger carrying the pungent fruit on her bus. It is worth noting that durian is prohibited on public transport in Thailand. During the incident, she promptly asked the passenger to leave the bus along with the durian. Despite this, Srisong still suffered a severe allergic reaction, experiencing chest tightness and struggling to breathe before fainting.

A photograph from the scene showed Srisong lying on a row of seats on the bus's first level, with a concerned woman tending to her. Another man stood nearby, attempting to provide ventilation.


This situation led to a significant delay in the bus's journey. As a public service announcement, Srisong emphasized the collective inconvenience caused by individuals who bring durian onto buses, affecting not only themselves but also fellow passengers.

In her post, Srisong expressed gratitude to the rescuers who took her to the hospital and appreciated the passengers who assisted her. She also acknowledged her supervisor, who checked on her condition.

In a subsequent update on September 9th, Srisong mentioned that she was recovering and had returned to work.

Srisong explained why her allergic reaction was so severe, stating that while passengers carrying durian can be asked to disembark, the lingering smell remains. She urged the public not to bring items with strong odors, such as durian and fermented fish, onto public transport, as these are prohibited. 

So, now you know. 

Source: Facebook

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