Roughly 30 Malaysian Couples Travel To Thailand Monthly For Polygamous Marriage Purposes



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Roughly 30 Malaysian Couples Travel To Thailand Monthly For Polygamous Marriage Purposes

By Dhiviya

A consistent stream of Malaysian couples visiting the province to consummate their polygamous unions has been documented by the Narathiwat Islamic Religious Council.

30 or more couples from Terengganu, Kelantan, and Kuala Lumpur travel there every month in an attempt to legally establish their partnerships. 

"Marrying in southern Thailand requires meeting specific conditions, including comprehensive background checks, " said Deputy President Abdul Aziz Che Mamat.

If the lady is a widow or divorcee, producing a divorce decree or death certificate is an essential need. Any inconsistency or failure to achieve these requirements may put an end to the process. 

He emphasized that the council handles weddings cautiously, taking into account any aftereffects and maintaining the purity of ancestry. "It is imperative that all parties are truthful to prevent complications down the line." 

To prevent legal problems, couples must additionally register their marriages in Malaysia and confirm them with the Malaysian Consulate in Songkhla.

This tendency suggests that, despite the regulatory obstacles they encounter, Malaysians are becoming more and more formalized in their polygamous marriages. 

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