Cockroach Tealive | CEO Investigates Viral Facebook User Claims



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Cockroach Tealive | CEO Investigates Viral Facebook User Claims

By m7py

Nope- it's not a special edition of your favourite Tealive beverage. Actually, it's a shocking claim by one of Tealive customer on Saturday (October 9) through a Facebook post.

According to the netizen, they discovered a dead cockroach in their bubble tea AFTER FINISHING the drink.

A receipt from the Bukit Jalil outlet that they visited & a shot of the large cockroach lying among the leftover pearls were shared. The picture was cropped so it is impossible to make out if the top is sealed or not. 

Tealive founder Bryan Loo addressed the complaint at once. According to him, the company has offered to pay for the customer's health check-up.

The customer service team has already contacted the customer to apologize. They have yet to offer any monetary compensation as they are still trying to investigate if the accusation is true or not. 

The affected customer has not made any requests or respond to Tealive's follow-ups. However, the customer assured that they are in good health & has since deleted the Facebook post.

Loo also emphasized that the cockroach was believed to not be placed into the drink by an employee. 

Staff members are to follow set standard operating procedure (SOP) when serving drinks. This includes shaking & checking the drink before handing it over to customers.

According to early investigation, the customer had also checked the drink upon receiving it. 

Loo informed that the company will conduct an internal investigation including checking the CCTV in the store.

We'll wait  & see how this turns out! 

TEALIVE cockroach drink beverage


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