Top 5 Places To Staycation & Chill Across Malaysia



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Top 5 Places To Staycation & Chill Across Malaysia

By storyteller24

Exploring our own country is often overlooked because we've seen it all! Truthfully though, theres plenty we can do in Malaysia. Just like a relationship, in order to keep it exciting we need to try new things!

Here are some staycation places to consider:

1. The Dusun, Seremban  

Spaced over five acres, The Dusun is perfect for anyone who's looking for a relaxing off-the-grid-surrounded-by-nature type experience and gorgeous views to wake up to. There are two forest walks available, a sunset viewing path, and jogging roads around Pantai Hills. Wi-Fi isn't the strongest, so we definitely recommend going with someone who wont make you roll your eyes for an entire weekend.

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2. The Datai, Langkawi  

Its easy to understand why The Datai is crowned as Malaysias most sought-after luxury destination resort with the first point being: its located in the middle of a 10-million-year-old rainforest. Guests of The Datai can partake in cooking classes, play golf at an award-winning course designed by Greg Norman with a majestic mountain as a backdrop, and the most impressive experience being sailing on the Naga Pelangi, a 30-metre, traditional wooden Malaysian junk schooner to catch the sunset.


3. Rawa Island, Johor  

Malaysia has several islands that are absolutely breath-taking, and Rawa is one of them. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, swimming in the South China Sea everything about this place screams Treat Yourself. Guests can enjoy activities like snorkelling, diving, kayaking, scuba diving, and island hopping.


4. KLoé Hotel, Kuala Lumpur    

A boutique hotel for creative nomads, KLoé provides a space that will inspire you to explore and create. Its artist lofts are beautifully curated according to interests such as music (to tune out the city bustle with your favourite songs), art (a space to create your own masterpiece), food (equipped with a personal kitchen for gourmands), reading (to be surrounded by the library of your dreams), and gardening (living in a greenhouse in the city). 


5. Ipoh Bali Hotel, Ipoh  

Longing to be in Bali? Believe it or not, the tiny town of Ipoh has you covered. You read that correctly. At this hotel, you'll be transported to your favourite island as its interior reflects that of Balinese design think traditional bamboo cages, antique rustic woods, and warm colours to soothe your senses into relaxation. To complete the Bali experience the hotel also provides spa and massage services that guests can treat themselves!


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