Healthy, Low Maintenance Habits You Can Do To Lose Weight In A Month— No Starving!



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Healthy, Low Maintenance Habits You Can Do To Lose Weight In A Month— No Starving!

By Ayunie

If you're still shackled by the unhealthy belief of ridiculously strict diets and extreme abstinence being the direct factor of weight loss, you couldn't be more misguided. Contrary to your tendency to self-sabotage, there are better ways to achieve (healthy) body goals, one that does not require you to starve.  

Here are five easy lifestyle habits you can adopt that'll help you lose weight, without the chaos: 

1. Take A Walk For 60 Minutes Every Day  

Doing cardio on a regular basis is proven to activate weight loss, and if hearing the word "cardio" immediately turns you off, here's a secret: you don't need to subject yourself to vigorous cardio workouts to lose weight. By simply walking for 1 hour every day, can help you reach your goal in mere weeks! 

2. Eat Your Meals Slowly  

Chewing your meals slowly and letting yourself enjoy every bite will not only help regulate your mood throughout the day but mindful chewing is proven to get you to feel full early, thus preventing you from overeating. 

3. Get Enough Water Intake Daily  

This goes without saying: staying hydrated helps in losing weight in a way that it helps to boost your metabolism, among other things. So, don't forget to drink your H2O!

4. Cut Down Your Portions  

This is one of the best ways to lose weight. By going on a calorie deficit (eating less than you normally do and burning more calories than you normally burn) coupled with daily walking, you'll be seeing positive results soon enough!

5. Get Enough Sleep!  

This might sound difficult for some people, but there's no other way around it: lack of sleep can cause an increase in appetite, which would directly affect your weight loss journey. No matter how much you may love staying up late, it's important that you get 8 hours of sleep if you're really keen on losing weight. 

These steps may not seem like much but applying these tiny changes can produce big results if you're consistent. Good luck, besties!

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