A Chinese New Year Short Film So Sweet You'd Melt! A Romance Like No Other, And Worth The Watch:



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A Chinese New Year Short Film So Sweet You'd Melt! A Romance Like No Other, And Worth The Watch:


With the upcoming Chinese New Year, it is with great hope that we're stepping in the new year with nothing but prosperity, fortune, and an abundance of love. Aside from that, maintaining great relationships with the people around us is also crucial, especially if one of your new year goals is to strive to be a better person. That being said, who are you willing to change yourself for?


Vochelle, a Malaysian chocolate brand has recently released a Chinese New Year short film revolving around the values ​​of authenticity and the willingness to change yourself for the better for those you appreciate. Unlike any typical Chinese New Year content, this short film by Vochelle carries within its storylines a simple yet profound message of kindness and the positive ripple effects it has on one's life. 



The film starts with Ah Seng, a street gangster whose job is to collect "protection fees" from small businesses in his area. In the next scene, he can be seen stomping into a convenience store owned by a middle-aged woman, who sternly makes it evidently clear to Ah Seng and his sidekicks that they're not at all welcomed. Eventually, they get chased away with a one-call-for-the-police threat. 



While they are running away from the scene, something halted Ah Seng's pace. Ah Seng's rugged demeanor abruptly and immediately shatters, once his gaze falls on the figure standing across from him. Sabrina is her name, as Ah Seng eventually learns, and safe to say he was blown away at a first sight. 


Ah Seng and Sabrina's relationship quickly develops into something deeper, and the next thing we know, they are both planning for their next encounter. However, what's a story without a plot twist?


On the day of their official date, Ah Seng knocks on Sabrina's door... only to receive, quite possibly, the biggest shock of his life. He could almost hear a little voice inside his head saying, "you're never going to meet Sabrina again." As fate would have it, Ah Seng is now stuck in quite a big mess. 

Who's the lady behind the door, and why is it significant to Ah Seng? Watch the whole video to find out!

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