Tips You Can't Miss Out When Attending A Wedding!



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Tips You Can't Miss Out When Attending A Wedding!

By MidnightCrawler

Tips You can't Miss Out When Attending A Wedding


Picking the right outfit to wear for a wedding can be a headache,

especially if the dress codes are unclear. 

So just follow these tips and you can narrow down what you to wear!

1. Avoid wearing white 

This is a pretty obvious rule but everyone just seems to forget. 

Only the bride should be wearing white. 

Stay away from colors like cream, beige, eggshell and especially white lace.


Go for other colors like chiffon pink, grey, emerald, anything but white.


2. Don't wear too short or too revealing 

It's not appropriate to wear outfits that are really tight, short or even low-cut to a wedding. 

Friendly reminder, you're attending a wedding, a formal event,

where the main attention should be set on the bride. 

So save that dress for a girls night out or when you plan to hit the club.


Wear something modest instead.


3. Denim of any kind 

Denim is often considered by a lot of people when attending a wedding,

but unless you're heading to a countryside style wedding,

 it's best if you just avoid denim all together.


Unless the dress code states denim, opt for a silk or chiffon dress.


4. All Black 

Not saying that you can't wear a black dress,

but at least don't wear head-to-toe black. 

It's a wedding, not a funeral. Lighten up!


Wear a black dress but add some color to it.


Have you figure out your perfect outfit?

Keep in mind of these tips and you're good to go!

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