【News】CMCO | No Interstate Travel Allowed: Police Might Spot Check

CMCO | No Interstate Travel Allowed: Police Might Spot Check


The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Abdul Hamid pointed out that the authority might spot check by visiting your house during Hari Raya, in order to make sure that Malaysians did not violate the 'no interstate travel' rule, as reported by Sin Chew Daily.

It was learned that police are very stern pertaining to the 'no interstate travel' rule, especially those who did not get the permit from the authority, police might pay a visit to residents' houses to track down these offenders.

Photo source: Sin Chew Daily

"Other than setting up roadblocks on the road, the police will also conduct nationwide door-to-door inspections to ensure that people comply with the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)," he disclosed.

He mentioned that the police have personal and vehicle data records of those who are allowed to cross the state, so they can also identify vehicles that are not allowed to cross states. Offenders will be charged under the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act 988 (Act 342) and the Police Act 1967.

News source: Sin Chew Daily

Cover photo: Sin Chew Daily || The Star

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