5 Best, Affordable Sunscreens You’ll Read About Today



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5 Best, Affordable Sunscreens You’ll Read About Today

By Ayunie

With our incredibly hot and sunny weather, we simply cannot afford to pass on a good sunscreen. To make sure you‘ll never run out of options, here are some of our best suggestions that are just as good at protecting your skin as they are soothing. 

(Tip: Always look out for soothing ingredients in your sunscreen, especially in our tropical climate that's sometimes borderline hell)

1 | Biore UV Perfect Protect Milk Moisture


This is probably one of the best performing AND affordable physical sunscreens you can get for yourself. Here's why it's one of the best: 

• Non-sticky
• Fast absorbing
• Doesn't leave a white cast
• And did we mention... affordable as heck?

| Hurry! Get it here on Watsons or go to their nearest outlet |

2 | Dr.G Airy Skin Up Sun+ SPF50+ PA++++

source: Wako Beauty

Those with sensitive skin may have a harder time choosing the right sunscreen that does the job well without irritating their delicate surface barrier. If redness or irritation is of your concern, you'll be pleased to know this sunscreen by Dr. G is well equipped with skin-soothing ingredients like pink aloe and blue chamomile to shield you against anything that might trigger the rise of little red spots on your face. 

| it's unbelievable how low the price is on Wako Beauty!

3 | Some By Mi Truecica Mineral 100 Calming Suncream SPF50+ PA++++ 
source: puffstudio.co

This sunscreen is in incredibly high demand that you'll be lucky if you can get your hands on it. This sensitive skin-friendly sunscreen boasts a fast-absorbing application that dries down pretty quickly.

| Psst! get it here on puffstudio.co while stocks last! | 

4 | Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++
source: Glowie Co

This sunscreen feels exactly like a moisturizer and its gentle texture is why it's such a popular suncare choice for many beauty enthusiasts. Apart from its soothing ingredients, it is able to hydrate skin without the heavy feeling of a typical moisturizer which is a big plus point. 

| favful.com sells it at an incredibly affordable price! |

5 | Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Air Fit Suncream SPF50+ PA++++
source: Zalora Malaysia

This is the most expensive one out of all that's on the list, but it's still priced at below RM 100 so it's not too much of a burn in your wallet. 

Centella Asiatica is the star ingredient of this product which means aside from protecting your skin against UV rays, it also shields it from any possible irritation that would've otherwise occurred if you were wearing a typical sunscreen that does not feature the said ingredient and with our weather, god knows we need it. 

| get it here on Zalora Malaysia before it's gone! | 

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