Your Childhood Trauma Revealed! What Your Adult Traits Say About Your Past Wounds



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Your Childhood Trauma Revealed! What Your Adult Traits Say About Your Past Wounds

By m7py

Here's a not-so-fun fact: Your unhealed childhood trauma is reflected in your personality as an adult. But, how do you know exactly which trait is designed by your past wounds? Well, here's a guide for you to know, based on experts' opinions. 

1. You face difficulty asking for help and always want to show you're independent.
Meaning: You had to fend for yourself as a kid.

2. You are the first one to break up when you're not happy in a relationship
Meaning: You experienced abandonment as a kid.

3. You always want to get in the last word.
Meaning: You did not have much control over your life as a kid.

4. You find it hard to trust people and you often seek validation from your partner. 
Meaning: You developed an anxious attachment style as a kid.

5. You are a perfectionist. 
Meaning: You were forced to meet your parents' demands as a kid.

6. You get bored when there is no spark in your relationship. You create drama for comfort. 
Meaning: You were raised in conflict as a kid.

7. You always talk a lot and overshare. 
Meaning: Your feelings were not acknowledged as a kid.

8. You are straightforward and always say things as it is. 
Meaning: You always had to defend yourself as a kid. 

Now, you know which unhealed trauma you need to deal with. So, start working towards healing yourself and letting go of the past! 

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