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How To Dust-Proof Your Home To Save Cleaning Time | Easy Hacks

By m7py

Ughh! Don't have the time to keep up with the dust on your bookshelves, tabletops, study desk, etc.? No problem- these no-brainer hacks will keep the dust away as long as possible. 

1- Plug in a dehumidifier
You can control dust mites when you've got the levels of humidity under control.  

2- Install roller blinds
Roller blinds let you reduce the dust in your home. Plus, they are easier to clean than your regular curtains. 

3- Limit the textiles

Use lightweight curtains and furnishings to avoid collecting dust. Reduce the use of blankets and other textiles that could trap or create dust when they disintegrate.

4- Use special formula

Mix fabric softener with a bit of water. Then, spray it on your wooden items and furniture. You'll keep them relatively free from dust. 

5- Get rid of carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs will only trap dust when people walk over them. So, try not using them or if you must, vacuum them regularly. 

So, try these hacks & you won't have any issues with dust anymore. 

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