Goodbye Oyen Elmina: Vet Announces The Stray Cat Succumbed To Plane Crash Injuries



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Goodbye Oyen Elmina: Vet Announces The Stray Cat Succumbed To Plane Crash Injuries

By Ayunie

In a heartrending update, the cat that was rescued from the scene of a Beechcraft Model 390 plane crash on Persiaran Elmina, Shah Alam, last August 17th, has tragically passed away.

The somber news of the feline named Oyen's passing was conveyed by Dr. Zulerwan, the dedicated veterinarian who had been caring for the cat, in a poignant Instagram post earlier today.

"With heavy hearts, we share the sad news that Oyen Elmina has departed from us today.

Oyen, who had tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), commonly known as feline AIDS, faced significant challenges due to his compromised immune system," he expressed.

Dr. Zulerwan elaborated on the complexities Oyen encountered, stemming from injuries to his spinal cord that exacerbated the spread of infections.

"As Oyen's condition weakened, we spared no effort in delivering the best treatment possible. Regrettably, despite our endeavors, Oyen could not hold on," he continued. "Our heartfelt gratitude to all who extended their prayers and support for Oyen."

Earlier updates had indicated Oyen's stabilization and gradual recovery from injuries. 

Source: Facebook

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