"I’m not even worth RM5?!" - Malaysian Criticizes Those Who Give Only RM2 Ang Pow, says "It's a Waste!"



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"I’m not even worth RM5?!" - Malaysian Criticizes Those Who Give Only RM2 Ang Pow, says "It's a Waste!"

By ChristinaLzr

Ang Pows hold great significance during Chinese New Year as they symbolize blessings, prosperity, respect, and the strengthening of relationships within the community. Question is, does the amount really matter or is it all about sincerity? 

Recently, a Malaysian took to the internet her dissatisfaction on receiving an Ang Pow worth RM2 during Chinese New Year. In a post shared by Xuan Play, the person expressed her thoughts regarding the monetary value of Ang Pow gifts, urging those who give only RM2 to show respect to the recipients, as she believes such a low amount is no longer considered relevant.

In the post, the person also claims that even her mother gives e-hailing drivers and garbage collectors more than what she received.

"Even e-hailing drivers and garbage collector get at least RM5. What do you mean by giving me only RM2? I'm not even worth RM5?!"

The person added that with RM2, she could not even use the money to pay a parking ticket and that if she knew who the giver was, she would've returned it as it is a waste. 

In the post, said that she expected criticism due to her blunt honesty. 

She was not wrong. 

Many netizens pointed out that she should be grateful regardless of the amount, and that the Ang Pow money is merely a symbol, not a means of passive income. 


Some netizens went further to exacerbate the situation by expressing joy in seeing her receive criticism, adding salt to the wound with comments like, "I am so happy to see you getting scolded."

"People like you should get T&G money pocket, you should've received only 1 sen, save others the time to wrap you an Ang Pow."

However, there were also netizens who took the time to educate her in their comments.

"Some people are struggling financially, and your understanding would be appreciated. Everyone wanted to give more, if possible but not everyone lives in the same situation."

"Education at home is indeed important. Ang Pows used to be a sign of sincerity, as long as you are healthy and safe, that's all that matters."

What are your thoughts on this? Should there be a "minimum amount" for Ang Pows or do you think the sentiment behind the gesture is what truly matters? 

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