April 22 & 23 | Lyrids Meteor Shower Visible In Georgetown, Penang



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April 22 & 23 | Lyrids Meteor Shower Visible In Georgetown, Penang

By joeeeenggg

Lyrids Meteor Shower is said to be the oldest recorded meteor shower as it has 2,700 years of history of observation. The earliest observation record of Lyrids Meteor Shower could be traced back to 2,500 years ago.

According to timeanddate.com, the meteor shower is normally active between April 16 and 25 every year. The peak is said to be around April 22 or 23.

This year, Penangites, especially those who live in Georgetown, y'all could see the meteor shower! It was learned that the peak hours of the meteor shower is visible in Georgetown.


Photo source: timeanddate.com

The duration of Lyrids Meteor Shower tends to last longer as compared to others. Its peak could last for 32 hours (average) and the longest duration was 61 hours. Here are the estimated times for the meteor shower:

Photo source: timeanddate.com

Also, y'all need no special equipment to see the meteor shower!

Step 1: Find a viewing spot (most probably your house balcony, cause you can't leave your house due to MCO)

Step 2: Switch off all the lights (ask for neighbors to do so too cause you need all city lights to off)

Step 3: Wait patiently

Step 4: Make a wish when you saw the meteor shower

Good luck, peeps!

Cover photo: Timeanddate.com || Daily News

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