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Tips To Relieve Stress of Working From Home


Many people think that working from home could be in a lot more relaxing way. However, the employees who work from home feel highly stressed compare to the ones who work on site.

Why? Perhaps it is due to the higher use of mobile devices and the uncertainty or insecure to check on the phones constantly. Difficulty concentrating, loss of interest at home, feeling hopeless because of COVID-19, and feeling distant from others can also be the factors of the employee to feel stress.

1. Set your routine schedule

Create a routine that you can stick to it while working. Plan for your day according to your flexibility. If you wait until you feel like working, you may be going to delay your work too when you don't feel like working. Prioritize your task, and I will suggest completing the most complicated or challenging task first to avoid last-minute work. When you have a plan, you probably feel more relaxed to have a schedule to follow.


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2. Reward yourself

Yes, you deserved a reward after a long working hour. A cake, a movie, a Starbucks can boost up your mood and keep your motivation up. 


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3. Exercise 

Go for a walk, do some yoga, or workout to stay healthy. A healthy lifestyle is also going to have a positive impact on your mental health too. Get some fresh air to relieve your stress and tension. 

4. Sleep

Get enough sleep to start your day energetically. People get angry, frustrated, and agitated when they are tired or do not have enough rest time. It is important for your physical as well as your mental health.

5. "Me" time

Studies have shown that having more me time has benefits in productivity and happiness. It's a time to spend to yourself, to do things you want, and to enjoy life. You can clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly when without distraction. You can also write down your goal, mood of the day, and any emotion to record your daily routine.


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