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Top 5 Local Sustainable Skincare Brands You Should Know Of

Ayunie   |   Apr 8, 2021, 10:20   |   51

The concept of clean beauty, albeit not new, was still a work-in-progress in Malaysia— that is, until recently. Many independent local brands have started to prove that they're worthy of recognition.

Here are our current favorites: 

1. The Mineraw

With "Fewer Ingredients, Superior Results" as their motto, The Mineraw delivers clean beauty like no other. Produced in small batches to ensure the highest of quality, The Mineraw's products are proof that au natural skincare doesn't have to feel cheap. 

| Shop their products at themineraw.com

2. The Minimal Skin

a cruelty-free artisanal skincare brand like The Minimal Skin deserves to be on your skincare top shelf for several good reasons. For one, their ingredients, like their name; are as straightforward as can be and this is a good thing for ingredient-conscious consumers out there who want nothing but the cleanest of beauty. 

| Shop their products at theminimalskin.com |

3. Frankie Beauty

Combining the very best of naturel skincare and crystal tools from mother earth, Frankie Beauty has just about everything you need for a clean skincare routine. From their 100% plant-based face oils to their rainbow fluorite gua sha, self-pamper has never felt this sustainably luxurious. 

| Shop their products at Frankiebeauty.co

4. Skinned.co 

If you're tired of your skin always acting up after a while, that's a sure sign you should make the switch to clean beauty. Speaking of, let's talk about this underrated local clean beauty brand, Skinned.co. Pretty packaging isn't the only thing they're offering; looking at their ingredients will make your skin jump with joy.

| Shop their product at Skinned.co |

5. Meizlab

Made-to-order homegrown label Meizlab is everything good you can find in a skincare brand: au natural, chemicals free, SLS free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, no artificial colors and fragrance. Aside from their skincare range, their body care products are worth the purchase as they're all oh-so-gentle to the skin. 

| Shop their products at meizlab.com

Let's save the planet, one sustainable skincare brand at a time, shall we? Which one of these brands calls out to you the most? Share with us your thoughts! 


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