Here‘s a Santa Claus certified gift list for Malaysian foodies from local bakery!



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Here‘s a Santa Claus certified gift list for Malaysian foodies from local bakery!

By Trissss

November has come to an end this year.  But... December is only one or two weeks away! Christmas is around the corner indeed and a lot of stores has started to launch their Christmas care package or gift set.

The process of choosing a gift is always tough and tends to be repetitive. The fear of getting the wrong gift is terrifying. But, food will never disappoint people especially Malaysian! Let's check out what could you buy for Christmas gifting purpose!

Firstly, we have COOKIES 

Let's be real, you can't have too many cookies. Thank god there is no legal limit of how much we could consume cookies. @Kamidesignerco is a Malaysian based company that thrive to design beautiful things. 

Be it a candle, wedding card, bridesmaid box, etc. They want to make sure that whoever receives it could feel the love from the sender. This time, they have launched a Christmas collection which is an assorted cookies box.

From the baking till the packaging, everything is aesthetically designed. Editor especially loves the blue packaging paper which is known as 'Palm'.

Make sure to check them out and get free customised gold calligraphy on a card with the personalised typewritten message at the back.


@UniversalBakeHouse formerly occupied as a laundry shop, they believe in heritage and legacy. This explains why they have such a special vibe. From outside, it looks like a vintage stationery shop in disguise because of that old school signboard. 

But, if you look closely it is a bakery that aims to provide daily baked goods. They sell a wide range of pastries, from sourdough to scone. They too launched their Christmas Cookies Box on 11.11  
Contents: Cocoa Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Meringue Swirls, Earl Grey Shortbread, Raspberry Thumbprint, Meringue Kisses.

Make sure you order it before 30/11/2020 to enjoy early bird price which is RM50! After the promotion, the price is RM59 for a box.

Every purchase of this Cookie Box, 10% will be contributed to aid SHELTER who provide a safe space for neglected and underprivileged children. It is important to help each other during this pandemic and UniversalBakeHouse indeed is kind enough to contribute part of their profit to society.

Next, not cookies again but we have BROOKIES

What exactly is a brookie? It's actually a combination of brownie and cookies. This is a great option for people who have a dilemma to choose whether to get brownies or cookies. Just choose this, brookies will solve your sweet craving dilemma perfectly. 

@SeptemberBakes's forte is making brookie. The texture is absolutely satisfying, you get slight crisp like cookies when you bite into it. But you too will get a good chewy texture out it. 

@SeptemberBakes joins the Christmas season train as well to launch the Christmas Gift Box. The content is 5pc of brookies, 1 box of butter cookies and mocha cookies.  

A basket of wonder is what you need next!

@MadamGlutton has the best looking gift box ever! They use a basket as a container to fill up with their delicious cookies and cakes. *You will know what I mean when you see it.

Their packaging is indeed one of the kind and the receiver would definitely be so thrilled to open this box of wonder. This timeless packaging is good for any festival, that included Christmas as well.

They offer different budget of gift boxes and the content range from cookies to madeleine. The good news about this gift box is all year round, unlike the above shops, their Christmas collection is only seasonal. Do check them out whenever your special day is near.

Not a fan of cakes or cookies? Check this out!

@Thelastbite has launched XMAS spiced nuts just for people like you! The content is a mix of Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds and pretzels, baked with cinnamon, cayenne pepper and fresh rosemary. 

It claimed that these nuts are fragrant, warm and hearty, just like an embrace on Christmas. In other words, it will make you go nuts after having these nuts! *pun intended

However, this will only available to purchase on 1/12/2020, so stay tune to purchase! 

Also, they are going to reveal their own version of Christmas box as well! Make sure you follow their Instagram to keep up with the update!

Merry Christmas in advanced! Enjoy your shopping and make people around you happy!

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