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The Latest News Of The Recent Outbreak | CoronaTracker From Malaysia Can Help You | Recovery Cases Of COVID-19

Jada   |   Feb 9, 2020, 17:31   |   304

What is the latest news that world citizens are worrying about? Of course, we all know is the pandemic that has spread around the world, COVID-19. Do you know that there is a website been created to help the world citizens to get the latest news about the COVID-19? And, do you know that there are also recovery cases? 


A Malaysian data scientist as well as the founder and CEO of LEAD, Dr Cher Han Lau realized that it is hard to get localized news and he knew he needs to publish data about coronavirus to the public. He obtained help from all over the world such as Singapore, Australia, Japan, and others.


Over 500 volunteers used two days to build a one-stop website about 2019-nCoV and the website was successfully launched on 27 January 2020. This website is called the CoronaTracker, which can reveal the latest record on the number of deaths and confirmed cases.

Besides, this website also helps to control hoaxes and fake news because there are medical doctors and experts there to verify the information while the public act as testers. Organizations like the World Health Organisation (WHO), Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Johns Hopkins University are also involved actively in this project. Additionally, this website also provides other information that is related to the outbreak, such as the supply chain disruptions, closures of business, and others. According to Dr. Lau, this project is completely open and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the website by contacting them via Telegram


From the above picture obtained from the CoronaTracker, as of 9 February 2020, a total of 2,805 patients from all over the world have recovered from the 2019-nCoV.

You may also specifically search for the update of infected cases in Malaysia.



Furthermore, according to Thailand's health ministry, the condition of an infected Chinese woman has improved after she was treated with a cocktail of anti-virals used to treat flu and HIV, whereby the improvement can be proved by the negative lab result and the patient can now sit up 12 hours after the treatment. 


As for now, let's pray together and looking forward to more good news to come in the future!


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