M’sian Shocked & Disgusted To Find 'Unknown Creature’ in Krimer Sejat Tin!



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M’sian Shocked & Disgusted To Find 'Unknown Creature’ in Krimer Sejat Tin!

By peachyunnie

** Disclaimer: The original poster on X has since deleted the posting below and apologised for the misunderstanding, clarifying that the substance found in the can was in fact not contaminated.

In a X post that was tweeted on the 7th of April, a Malaysian women shared that as her sister was emptying and cleaning out a can of 'Krimer Sejat' for recycling, she was shocked and disgusted to find something in there! 

In the post she says “my sister was cleaning the tin to recycle tapi rasa pelik why there is something solid in it. we opened it and found this instead! What have you been selling to your customers?!”


As she tags the brand in all her tweets, she calls them out for not ensuring proper quality check is being done on their end, before allowing their items into the market. 

In her tweets, it can be said that she and her sister both thought it was solidified creamer that was at the bottom of the tin however upon opening it up, she then realises that something else was in there instead. 

Further sharing that this is possibly the reason why the colour of the creamer was very muddy / cloudy and that this is the reason why, they have been getting tummy aches from eating scrambled eggs.

“Did you not check the packaging procedures before selling it to customers?!” - OP on X.

In the same post she says, with the weight of the "unknown creature", she believes it may not just be one animal but a family of them that was drown in the evaporated creamer.

To end her thread, she urges Malaysians to check their ‘Krimer Sejat’ cans before using it as she believes it is impossible that there is only one can that is with a "dead animal" in it. 

So what do you think that is?

After thorough discussions with other Malaysians, she has now realised that she was in the wrong and the can of evaporated creamer was not contaminated. 

It in fact could be mould that appeared from poor and incorrect storage of the item. 


She has ever since then written an apology about the misunderstanding.

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