Aaron Aziz Confronts Syamsul Yusof In A Heated Video Over Filming Controversy



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Aaron Aziz Confronts Syamsul Yusof In A Heated Video Over Filming Controversy

By Ayunie

Action star Aaron Aziz has come forward to retaliate against film director Syamsul Yusof for his allegations at a press conference.

According to Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz was expelled from the production of his film because he was getting "old" and "fat".

Aaron Aziz then uploaded an 8 minute duration video explaining his side of the story. The KL Gangster actor claimed that he initially declined Syamsul Yusof's offer to be in his film due to health concerns yet was Syamsul was rather adamant and promised minimal fight scenes would be involved.

Aaron Aziz was then required to achieve a certain body goals and forced to take steroid in order to achieve it. He also endured long hours of training on top of his underlying injuries.

In the video, Aaron Aziz claimed that he was dropped from the film without any justifiable reason and was denied by Syamsul when he asked to meet for clarification.

His clarification video has received 3.8M views at the time of writing and most fans seem to take on his side.

What do you think of this case? Leave a comment below.

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