"Police Won't Catch Him!" Young Woman Left Traumatized After A Man In LRT Flashed His Private Parts, No Actions Taken Despite Report



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"Police Won't Catch Him!" Young Woman Left Traumatized After A Man In LRT Flashed His Private Parts, No Actions Taken Despite Report

By Ayunie

A chilling incident of sexual harassment rocked the LRT on December 5th, 2023, leaving a commuter traumatized after encountering a man exposing himself on the train towards Kwasa Damansara.

The victim, recounting the distressing episode, described how she, engrossed in her phone, suddenly realized the unthinkable: a man exposing his genitals while she was seated. In a bid to gather evidence and ensure validation of her alarming experience, she tried taking a photo. However, upon noticing her actions, the perpetrator proceeded to zip up his pants and left, but not before she captured his face.


To raise awareness and deter future incidents, the woman details the appearance of the man, depicting him as wearing white slippers, blue jeans, a white shirt, a black jacket, a green mask, and estimated to be around 170cm-173cm tall.

Despite her efforts, the man departed at the Mrt Metro Prima station. The incident happened between 6:30 pm to 6:50 pm, and unfortunately there was no security official on duty during the incident. 


Upon arriving at her station, she immediately reported the incident to MRT security personnel. Disappointingly, she was informed that since there was no physical contact, law enforcement might not take immediate action unless a similar offense occurs again. Dissatisfied with the response, she headed to the nearest police station, enduring a three-hour wait to file a report.

Regrettably, the authorities categorized the incident as a "covering case," providing limited reassurance.

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Source: Facebook

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