【News】"I am sorry my kids, please take care of yourself..." . Last words from the COVID positive father.



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"I am sorry my kids, please take care of yourself..." . Last words from the COVID positive father.

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These hurtful last words are from a 58 years old father that stays in Ipoh. Ahmad Mohamad Talib the deceased used his last effort to write down such a painful message to his wife and children. His last moment of life ends in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun last Wednesday.

"Tolong doa dan terus solat hajat. Abah minta maaf. Jaga diri semua"

"Please keep praying. Dad apologises. Please take care, you all." These exact words were found on two papers and shared by his daughter Syafiqa Humairak on her Facebook. Syafiqa said that her father had a kidney disease when tested positive for Covid-19 and immediately send to the alleged hospital for treatment. 

He was asymptomatic even when he was at the hospital. His condition didn't improve yet worsened, thus, the doctor decided to inject him with sedative on Monday.

Sad things didn't end there

Before Ahmad Mohamad Talib went into a coma, his daughter managed to have a video call with his family despite he couldn't speak at the time. His precious last words were written before the coma. However, his family did not get to keep the papers that consisted his handwriting. She stressed that the hospital was worried about the two papers were contaminated. 

The aftermath.

Syafiqa Humairak, the daughter also said that all of her family members were tested positive for Covid-19. It included her one-month-old nephew as well. Most of them could not attend to her father's funeral, she was the only one that can attend the funeral. She was devasted as she could only see her father from afar, any close contact was prohibited. 

She urged Malaysian that takes the Coronavirus seriously and always comply with the SOP that provided by the MOH. As the Coronavirus killed her father within weeks. 

Syafiqa Humairak's post is to remind the public that Covid-19 is still viral and is fatal to people. Let's not take the effort of our front liners for granted and comply with MOH's SOP at all cost. 

*RIP to Mr. Ahmad Mohamad Talib

Cover image from FB Fika Maira.


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