What Fans Can Expect From BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim's Newly Launched Youtube Channel



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What Fans Can Expect From BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim's Newly Launched Youtube Channel


A member of an international Kpop band BLACKPINK, Jennie Kim commemorated her 25th birthday by launching her own Youtube channel Jennierubyjane Official, and her video is currently #1 Trending upload on Youtube. 


Within less than a day of posting, Jennie's channel has so far gathered more than three million subscribers and that number is expected to grow substantially very soon. 


Based on her introduction video, fans can expect more content revolving around her daily life, her personal fashion insights, and perhaps more song covers to come. If we're lucky, maybe a few dance covers, as well? 

While it is quite uncommon for Korean idols to manage their own independent platform on social media, this brings about a bright possibility of more korean celebrities following suit. Perhaps we shall see an emergence of our favorite idols' youtube channels soon? 

Let's all hope. 

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